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WordPress Magazine Themes [Top 10] by Wow with Amazing Results

WordPress is an amazing platform for magazine sites with many well known magazines like Variety, CNN, and The New York Times using WordPress as their base to achieve a layout for their site that looks effortless, beautiful and well laid out at the same time. Each of WordPress theme is extremely customizable and functional. The themes can be set up by anyone who needs a website – from a blogger just beginning to a techie.

The following are some of the top 10 WordPress magazine themes We #love today.

1. Newspaper X

A very important criterion for a lot of website owners is to have an easy, user-friendly website. The Newspaper X theme gives you just that.

With over 56,500 users, it is the perfect theme for a website that needs to focus on media and text being the centre of attention. It also comes with an advertisement banner management feature which is extremely helpful for bloggers. It refrains from looking cluttered and is a very easily adaptable theme to suit your personal preferences while maintaining a sober look. Changes can be made through the WordPress customizer.

2. NewsAnchor

The NewsAnchor theme is perfect for users that need to pair their websites with social media seamlessly, with social media buttons part of the layout.

This theme also has additional widgets attached to it to give the website the ability to showcase multiple posts together in a stylish manner. You can separate your articles depending on popularity or recent posts, adding image thumbnails to them.

The social media buttons also work through the widget layout and you can in certain cases add tags as well as videos or events to your widgets. There are tons of fonts to choose from in this theme which is crucial for any website that looks to stand out from the rest.

The NewsAnchor theme over all does look pretty amazing and there is a lot of connection to your other social media available as well as the ability to feature a lot of information while maintaining the style of the magazine.

3. Allegiant

This theme is perfect for creating event sites or for agencies to showcase their business in a nutshell. It has a lot of features to choose from and pre built in blocks to feature team members, client logos, reviews and services.

This theme helps a company present their accomplishments as well as skills and services to customers across the globe while maintaining a clean and brilliant to look at interface.

There are a plethora of portfolio settings as well to feature past work of the company. Allegiant also offers plenty of animation and plug-ins to the user and the ability to present itself brilliantly on any device.

4. Hueman

Hueman has an array of styling options and loads very fast. It also has countless features for bloggers with a user-friendly and flexible layout. It comes with toggle sidebars which work well on phones and has unlimited colors and widget areas to start with.

You can also feature certain posts on the top of the website. Each widget can be customized for a certain page or post. In summation, it is an extremely good option in terms of the free themes offered by WordPress.

5. Mag XP

The Mag XP theme has four different homepage layouts to choose from and you can also change the design of the site.

It also allows its users a drag and drop system and unlimited sidebars which gives the user unlimited flexibility and options. Based on the content of your posts, there is also the option to add a review section for readers wherein they can add their reviews and ratings for your posts and pages.

With so many layouts to choose from, you may not be sure which one to settle on. In that case, the theme also offers you demo content to use for you to see exactly how the final website would look. This demo content is available as a huge variety that includes fashion, health, sports, tech and others.

6. NewsMag

Newsmag is a modern and minimalist layout with a lot of advertisement space. The advertisement space is customizable and is an easy way to earn money for bloggers.

The theme caters to any audience depending on user preference of what the site should be used for and is a good layout for larger as well as small audiences. The theme also offers its users plenty of features to choose from as well as tools to meddle around with till you get your perfect website.

The blog pages are available in four different styles. A list of all your blog posts or a more picture oriented approach, depending on preference can be chosen. This theme is also adaptable to mobile phones and looks as good on a tiny screen as it does on a laptop.

7. Travelify

In this case, the name says it all. Travelify caters to blogs on travel, nature and adventures.

It has a layout that suits images with high resolutions and has an inviting feel to the interface. The theme uses using HTML5 / CSS3 and is also SEO friendly. A featured slider is perfect for a gallery with featured images.

Travelify comes with a wide variety of customization options with features that include translation plugin as well as a custom logo and social icons. This theme is available in 20 different languages. Overall, travelify is one of the best blog post themes WordPress has to offer with over 20,000 downloads.

8. Shapely

Shapely remains at the top of the game in terms of customization and is one of the most powerful themes available. It can adapt to any set of demands. Once you download shapely, it also offers you a very detailed document explaining how to use this theme. Shapely also integrated the WooCommerce plugin in their theme to help users make their own personalized shops.

A free demo is available, after which it has a cost attached. It supports most WordPress plugins as well such as Jetpack and Google Analytics by Yoast.

9. Silk Lite

Silk Lite has a very Pinterest look to it and has a very relaxed feel while maintaining professionalism.

The logo is on the top of the site with various posts following.

The entire page is covered with blog posts and each post has an attached picture to it.

This image is accompanied by a description and title. Each post has a feature for your readers to be able to post comments and views below. The Silk Lite is overall very well suited to blogs that are a light read.

10. Neville

Neville is definitely a visually appealing layout and focus on pictures to no end. It has a sophisticated and unique look and suits high end lifestyle websites very well. It is easy to imagine a brand like ZARA using a layout like this for their website.

It uses a custom title design which allows the use of bold or italic characters.

They also have an ad banner which can connect to any advertisement network. The theme also allows you to connect to your Instagram account to get additional followers to your page.

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