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Responsive WordPress Themes Lol

Blogging is something that is very

You can have it as a hobby – to express yourself, to have your own space for experimenting and to write about your ideas. Also, lots of people consider it as platform where they can build their brand, make it visible and earn money.

But in order to be successful online, you need to know some key points that will help you manage your site.

When you plan to start, the best way is to try WordPress because is for free and very easy to use. There are many options about the look of your site background: different designs, themes and styles.  All of them can guide you into the creation of the specific brand that you want to reach.

Every website needs an attractive, “fashionable” and creative design.

Therefore here are the

TOP 7 responsive WordPress themes

that can help you build your brand.


#1 = Ever

Minimalism and Simplicity

With all fame around minimalism lately, this Ever Theme can make you trendy. It has a clean and simple design, which is is good for all the users that want to be easy understood. The settings options are very manageable and the template gives you an impression of professionalism. This template is recommended for business websites or personal blogs.

You can use the full width layout, variety of post styles, nice typography, and more. Also, this WordPress theme can make your simplicity look modern. And who wouldn’t love to mix the simple with the modern?!

#2 = Adios

Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is the choice for everyone who wants to have their best and fashionable portfolio. It’s an amazing fit for fashion agencies, models and everyone who is connected to the world of art.

Full-set of design features, such as graceful customizer, attractive typography, page builder and option for catchy details. You can have it on all kind of displays: smart phones, tablets, laptops.

This is a very responsive WordPress theme and it’s the online tool for visibility for 2018.

So, best fashion and art portfolios – bring it on!

#3 = Jupiter

Fast-loading means faster work, more flexibility, less nerves and easier managing.

That’s why this theme is what every company or blogger should consider as their bestchoice. With more than 150 page templates, 500 different and interesting styles, is everything that you are looking for in only one theme – the Jupiter WordPress theme.

Make your unique website with all of the options that the theme offers. Mix colors,
styles and bring your personal signature in every step of the process. Because
it’s loading fast and every page presents a different story.

# 4 = Montserrat

All about The Multipurpose

Very modern and innovative, Montserrat represent the Envato Elements for WordPress. Here you can find everything!

Drag and drop option is part of this theme, and we all know how much time can be saved with this. Customize your site however you like it, there are tons of design features that will give a tasteful and trendy website.

All the options are made with purpose to give you the freedom of using your imagination and make your blog personal.

This responsive WP theme uses the latest platforms and performances.

#5 = Flatsome

Sell Easy. Lol

You want to have an e-platform where you want to sell your fashion products? Flatsome is the right thing for you.

It can help you put your products in the best order following your modern environment and your stylish background. This latest version of themes in WordPress is giving you the opportunity to make your own unique layout with self-made visual styles.

With the ability to create anything without using any coding, you may have now the most responsive and perfect theme for selling.

You can build anything with the incredible Live Page Builder and large element library

You have unlimited options

It is optimized to speed

You make a modern design that sells

It is always up to Date.

Every e-shop, company website or other online business should be in love with this one!

#6 = uDesign

Because it’s User Friendly and Very Responsive

This one is the Top Seller WordPress Theme on ThemeForest, it has dedicated support specialists and it is highly secured (up to date).

It’s created for people that don’t have digital or programming experience and it’s very easy to use. The instructions are very clear and no effort is needed. Everyone with good business ideas but with no technology knowledge can fit here

U-Design themes are also mobile-friendly, they fit on all kind of displays and resolutions including laptops, tablets, smart phones, iPhones and iPads.

You can work on your website from everywhere.

This theme is highly recommended for e-Commerce because it supports the most popular online shopping solution:


This is why is very famous and everyone what’s to have it.

With the powerful and responsive abilities and the 2000+ fonts to choose from, you can have your best promoted website with U-Design.

# 7 = Bridge

All kinds of Businesses included

Bridge offers more than 300 beautiful

And complete websites. It is suitable for all kinds of businesses including restaurant sites, music websites and magazine sites.

These are all of the beautiful features that this theme has:

Step-by-step video tutorials
Internet integration
Integrated Search Functionality
Comprehensive admin panel
Font Icon Pack
Ready for Retina screens
Quick one click import
Stunning Infographic elements
Auto-update functionality
The listing functionality is very effective and integrated

Every one of these features is contributing to the easiest use of this theme. The perfect match for our new website has a name – it’s called Bridge!

To sum up, with these

7 top responsive themes for WordPress you can make a perfect, professional and profitable website. The online promotion and effective digital marketing can help you gain success and make you visible on the market.

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